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  • Trademark and Patent registration
  • Enforcement of IP rights
  • Copyright matters
  • Licensing
  • Litigation



Dr Roshan & Associates Law Firm  is proud to have the highest level of legal services in the fields of arbitration, air law, bank law, foreign investment law ...



Dr Roshan & Associates Law Firm Asserts that any matter and case file referred to must be investigated and reviewed by all members of the legal team related to the matter, and after the discussion, the final decision on how to enforce work and solve the case.

Dr Roshan & Associates Law Firm will be with you in peace and patience, which are the most important factors for success in legal cases, and will try to ensure that the necessary conditions for the progress of the resolution process, And return the right to its original owner.

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Dr. Behzad Roshan & Associates Law Firm (RLF)

Dr Roshan & Associates Law Firm, is an International law firm founded in 2008. We provide top class legal services to many foreign and domestic clients. The firm has gained a reputation for its reliability and unique expertise in different fields of law.  Clients include major International Corporations, entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals.

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Tel: +98 (21) 88699506
Fax: +98 (21) 88566176